AP Politics: AP politics will collapse if greenery is laid .. No one is less ..! | AP Politics: Fiery politics in the Andhrapradesh .. Clashes between YCP and TDP leaders

AP Politics: AP politics will collapse if the greenery is laid .. No one is less ..!

AP Politics: AP politics is on a par with Tamil Nadu politics. No one seems to care less about AP politics‌. There is a daily commotion between the TDP and YCP leaders. The whore myth between the two parties continues. Putting aside the real things and fussing over things that don’t work. YCP leaders and TDP leaders are vilifying each other.

The remarks made by TDP spokesperson Pattabhi are now embroiled in state politics. YCP activists, who were severely swayed by the remarks made by Pattabhi, said the sticks were working. Pattabhi attacked the house. All the furniture in the house was also destroyed. Not only that .. they also attacked the central and state TDP offices. All the furniture, mirrors and chairs in the office were destroyed. However, as soon as Pattabhi made those remarks, Chandrababu, who had many years of political experience, should be suspended from the party immediately. The Chief Minister should apologize on behalf of the party out of respect for the post. But when Chandrababu did not do it, the mouths of the party leaders seemed to open their mouths further as they questioned how many words the YCP leaders had said to themselves. Chandrababu could not question himself that it was not right to make remarks on a Chief Minister in a way that would make the members of the society think.

What’s the point?

However, the YCP activists, who were outraged by Pattabhi’s remarks, became agitated in their own style. The Telugu Desam Party today called for a state bandh to protest the YCP attacks. Both parties must exercise restraint in such matters. But such a thing is not happening.

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