AP Politics: AP panchayat for Hastinapur .. Chandrababu tries to meet Modi, Amit Shah | TDP and YSRCP political war shifts to new delhi Chandrababu attempts to meet PM Modi and Home minister Amit Shah

AP Politics: AP panchayat for Hastinapur .. Chandrababu tries to meet Modi, Amit Shah


Chandrababu: Political war scene in AP is shifting to Delhi. YCP and TDP leaders are on their way to Delhi after two days of rival protests. Ellundi TDP chief Chandrababu is going to Delhi. He will meet President Ram Nath Kovind. The situation in the AP will be explained to him. Along with the President, TDP leaders are seeking Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah for appointments. These YCP leaders are also getting ready to go to Delhi. The TDP will ask the Election Commission to revoke the party’s recognition.

Meanwhile, Chandrababu says that AP CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy is abusing his mother. Chandrababu was incensed that he was literally in a situation like his mother and sister for his political prominence. “Pattabhi is cursing their mother! That is the word I have never heard. I do not know. Come into politics as a teenager. By then he was drinking buddypals. Can you hear me saying that? ” Chandrababu says.

Chandrababu said that CM Jagan had also brought his mother after creating something that Pattabhi had not said. She was turned away that day. He has a sister. Oorura turned to Jagannath as an arrow to counter her to me. Where is that arrow turning now? Can you tell me morals that you can not do justice to mother and sister? We used your mother to go to jail today. We used to pay. Before the election, Jagan himself killed his uncle Vivekananda Reddy. If Viveka’s daughter is fighting in court for a CBI inquiry after the election, they will not say anything. Who is the cheater? Who is cheating? ” Chandrababu reacted strongly against the YCP.

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