AP Education: CM YS Jagan review on higher education .. Green signal for replacement of teaching stop in universities | Andhra Pradesh CM YS Jaganmohan reddy review meeting at the Camp Office on Higher Education

AP Education: Review of CM YS Jagan on Higher Education .. Green signal for replacement of teaching stop in universities

Cm Ys Jagan

AP CM YS Jagan: AP CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy today held a high-level meeting with the Vice-Chancellors and other dignitaries of all the universities in the state at his camp office in Amravati. On this occasion, CM YS Jagan said that the universities should be improved within 3 years and the CM directed to work out activities to improve the standards in all types of campuses. Further details of the orders given by the Chief Minister are as follows.

Green signal for replacement of teaching stop in universities
Higher Education Council meets weekly with each Vice-Chancellor
Then issues directly to the attention of the Chief Minister
Plans and actions on the solution of these
The goal is to create quality teaching and employment
Degree college must be established in every constituency

Complete replacement of teaching stop in universities
Approval has already been given to fill the vacant faculty posts in the universities
Universities exist when there is no teaching staff .. What is the benefit?
The CM wants to recruit people with good qualifications
Without quality it makes no sense to… recruit
The best standards should be followed in appointments
The CM wants to make appointments in a highly transparent manner
The CM said that there should be no bias in recruitment
CM also wants changes in the curriculum
Only then can we provide quality education
Educational standards will also improve, says CM
The CM said that good results would come when there was a change in these three aspects

Property for children – quality education
Read the property we give to children
That is the only quality education
We need to see what the difference is in education once we arrive
No other government has given as much priority to education as this government
We have taken many steps to provide quality education
With good education the heads of families change

Standards are mandatory in colleges
The CM said that the Internet should be fully available in the universities
Ensure good bandwidth quality:
Do not compromise on colleges that do not meet the standards: CM
Every college must adhere to the standards:
If the colleges are not right… the reputation of the universities will be damaged:
If there are no standards in any college .. bring the identified issues to their attention and give them time to improve

Do not give permission to those who do not meet the standards

As well as the Sub-Registrar, the CM wants to study transparency in town planning departments and providing better services to the citizens.
CM wants to record the best faculty classes in universities
Subject wise, the CM wanted to record this and put it online
CM said these videos would be useful for students to easily understand
Every VC must also bring about good changes in his reign
Education should be towards job creation
Training with organizations such as Microsoft should continue
Training in courses should be integrated
Only then will job opportunities improve even more
We have brought many changes in higher education since the coming of this government
We need to make our courses job oriented
The student must be able to get a job when he or she leaves the university
We see situations where even well-educated people fail when it comes to interviews
Apprenticeship must be accurate
We are bringing a skill development center in every parliamentary constituency
Skill development centers and colleges should be liaised in coordination with the District Collector

Outstanding Curriculum
Certified courses should also be part of the curriculum
Job creation and employment should be the goal
Design courses with the best people who are experts in the respective fields
Bilingual textbooks should be introduced
There should be textbooks in English and Telugu mediums for four years
There must be confidence and conviction that the job will definitely come after graduation
Curriculum changes need to be made for Quality Education
A big plateau should be laid for practicality: Officers CM order

National level standards
The GER ratio should reach 70% by 2025
We will definitely get it with schemes like Education Blessing and Accommodation Blessing
We are upgrading hospitals to national standards
There should also be national standards within each university
All colleges must ensure that the respective standards are met
Set proper targets for this: CM command to officers
Set up the necessary mechanism for this

Problems .. Fee Reimbursement
No matter how many problems there are, there is no deficit anywhere in terms of fee reimbursement
We make payments exactly every three months
We are taking care not to get word from the employers that we are not able to pay the salaries of the staff due to non-payment of fee reimbursement.
We put money directly into the mothers’ account
They are directly questioning the conditions in the colleges

Fee Reimbursement is also available in government colleges affiliated to the University
We pay the same fees as other private colleges
This makes universities financially self-sufficient
It has already been directed to take appropriate action on this

We are bringing 16 new medical colleges
We are taking steps to make those colleges self-sufficient
Research should also be collaborated on
The districts need to be connected with industries
Each university needs to collaborate with industries to conduct research in each field

Universities – Three years of operation
Meet with a VC every week: Sit down and discuss issues in universities, support to be provided by the government: CM orders higher education council
The CM wanted to bring to his attention the issues identified at that meeting
The CM said that separate meetings should be held with each university vice chancellor in the state
It is up to the CM to identify the current level and standards that need to be improved
Then the CM wants to set university-wise targets
The CM said that the activity should be designed for the next three years
The CM wants to receive this vision in three years
All universities need a Knock rating upgrade
Skill development centers should be integrated with universities
Internationally and nationally renowned companies participate in skills development programs
CM wants to keep skill development courses online too
CM wants to focus on improving English
Basic English should be made a compulsory subject
This will improve employment opportunities, said CM

CM review on degree colleges
Degree colleges should also be set up according to a policy
The CM said there should be one degree college for an assembly constituency

There is no compulsion in the assignment of aided educational institutions CM clarification
Handing over to the government is a complete voluntary act
Conditions have deteriorated in most educational institutions
In the wreckage, the infrastructure or the students and staff are in a lot of trouble
The government has provided an opportunity for such people
If handed over to the government. The companies are run by the government
Runs them in a better way
Donor names also continue
No. If they run themselves, they can run smoothly
There is no objection to this
The government should make it clear to everyone that there is no compulsion in the handover of aided educational institutions

As part of the review meeting, along with the English Communication Workbook and Textbooks, the APSCHE podcast was unveiled by CM Shri YS Jagan. The review meeting was attended by Education Minister Adimulapu Suresh, Higher Education Special CS Satish Chandra, APSCHE Chairman K Hemachandrareddy, College Education Commissioner Pola Bhaskar, Vice Chancellors of various universities and other senior officials.

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