AP Bandh: YCP protest rally in Palas unrest .. contagious fires .. evacuation to hospital | Andhrapradesh Bandh: Fire Accident at YSRCP rally in Palas srikakulam district

AP Bandh: Unrest at YCP protest rally in Palas .. Contagious fires .. Moved to hospital

AP Bandh: The concern of TDP activists in AP continues. Yesterday, YCP activists launched an attack on Telugudesam party spokesperson Pattabhi’s remarks. However, the TDP today declared a statewide bandh in protest of the attacks. The YCP is also protesting across the state. Former Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu and Pattabhi’s vision dolls were burnt by YCP activists in protest of the TDP’s bandh. YCP activist Bompally Srinivas’ dung caught fire during the burning of the effigies. Srinivas, who was critically injured, was rushed to a hospital for treatment of hutahuta.

The police have been alerted as the TDP Bandam calls the TDP Bandam in the state in the protest of attacks. Police are detaining TDP leaders and activists in advance without raising any concerns. Police are moving to the stations of the police to get rid of the stations. YCP activists also went on strike in protest of the TDP workers’ agitation. YCP activists protest that TDP leaders are acting at will. Rallies were held in all parts of the state in the wake of this. The accident took place as part of this.

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