AP Bandh: Falling politics in AP .. TDP calls for statewide bandh tomorrow | Ysrcp cadre attack on tdp leader pattabhi house .. AP state bandh tomorrow

AP Bandh: Falling politics in AP .. TDP called for a statewide bandh tomorrow

AP Bandh: Politics is rampant in AP. The fire is burning between TDP and YCP. State politics deteriorated in the wake of YSRCP activists’ attack on the house of Telugu Desam party spokesperson Pattabhi. With this, the state Telugu Desam Party has called for a statewide bandh tomorrow. TDP and YCP leaders clashed. This led to the deployment of additional police forces across the state. The AP DGP’s office warned that provocative remarks should not be taken lightly and that everyone should exercise restraint. He said strict action would be taken if provocative remarks were made.

Activists entered Pattabhi’s house in Vijayawada and destroyed the equipment. At a press conference held by Pattabhi this morning, he made some controversial remarks aimed at the government and CM Jagan. Pattabhi made the remarks against the police and the state government for failing to issue Visakha Narsipatnam police notices to former minister Nakka Anandbabu. In protest of the remarks made by the CM after the media conference .. Some people belonging to the YSR CP entered the house and attacked. The furniture in the house was destroyed in the attack.

Chandrababu inspected the party office

The TDP headquarters in Mangalagiri was also attacked in the wake of clashes between the two parties in the state. They also raided TDP offices and leaders’ houses in several areas. However, after the attack on the headquarters, TDP chief Chandrababu reached there and examined it. Asked the party ranks regarding the incident and found out the details. He was accompanied by TDP leaders Devineni Uma, Kollu Ravindra, Varla Ramaiah, Ashok Babu and Pattabhi to the party office to review the situation. The TDP called for a state bandh on Wednesday to protest the attack.

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