AP Bandh: Destruction with the encouragement of the state government and the police .. Yanamala made sensational comments | Yanamala Ramakrishnudu Sensational Comments on Government and Polices

AP Bandh: Destruction with the encouragement of the state government and the police .. Yanamala made sensational comments

Yanamala Rama Krishnudu

Yanamala Rama Krishnudu: It must be said that the AP state is on fire in politics. Every day there is a statewide upheaval due to clashes that take place in some corner. And if there is a rift between TDP and YCP activists, it will be a rift. State politics is in turmoil in the wake of the attack by YSRCP activists on the home of Telugudesam party spokesperson Pattabhi. The remarks made by Pattabhi ignited a fire in the state. In protest, the TDP today called for a statewide bandh. TDP leaders and activists are worried about the bandh. Buses are prevented from turning. The police arrested them and took them to the station. On this occasion, TDP senior leader and former minister Yanamala Ramakrishna raised the flag at a serious level.

The state government has alleged that the vandalism was carried out with the encouragement of the police. It is flagged that attacks are being carried out on TDP offices. He urged the central government to intervene immediately in the matter. He was outraged that the government was committing atrocities.

TDP leaders – scuffle between police

The police have been alerted as the TDP Bandam calls the TDP Bandam in the state in the protest of attacks. Police are detaining TDP leaders and activists in advance without raising any concerns. Police are moving to the stations of the police to get rid of the stations. With this, the TDP activists are getting bored with the protests. TDP activists detained at Kanigiri bus stand. Police were heavily deployed in Vijayawada. Tensions were also high near the Visakhapatnam and Srikakulam bus stands. Preliminary arrests of TDP leaders and activists protesting in the area continue. TDP leaders arrested in Ongole Security has been beefed up in front of bus stands and bus depots in the wake of the protests. Police were heavily deployed as a precautionary measure. The suspects are being arrested everywhere. Passioned TDP leaders in the Bandh occasion were scramble between the police.

Why YCP activists are not arrested: TDP

The TDP activists alleged that the YCP activists who had attacked the TDP offices had not been arrested so far and that the police were forcing themselves out of concern that justice would be done. Slogans were raised against the government.

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