Andhra Pradesh: There is no mention of leaving .. Chandrababu’s sensational comments after meeting the President .. | TDP President Chandrababu Serious Comments on AP Govt After Meet President of India

Andhra Pradesh: There is no mention of leaving .. Chandrababu's sensational comments after meeting the President ..


Andhra Pradesh: AP opposition leader and TDP leader Chandrababu said that anarchy was prevailing in the state of Andhra Pradesh and that a presidential rule should be put in place in the state which responded immediately. An appeal to this effect was made to President Ramnath Kovind on Monday. It is known that the YCP ranks attacked the Telugudesam party headquarters in Mangalagiri in AP. An 18-member team led by TDP chief Chandrababu left for Delhi on Monday to lodge a complaint with central officials on the issue. Chandrababu met President Ramnath Kovind during the afternoon. On that occasion, the YCP regime in the AP, TDP leaders, complained about the ongoing attacks on party offices. Chandrababu gave a compliant to the President on the policies followed by the police and government policies. A memorandum to this effect was handed over.

Speaking to media after meeting President Ramnath Kovind, Chandrababu lashed out at the YCP government’s atrocities in the AP. The state government-inspired anarchy has made harsh remarks as it continues in the AP. He said the YCP ranks had complained to the President about the attacks on party offices across the state, including the TDP headquarters. The AP center itself has been accused of provoking the drug mafia across the country. Their party leaders are accused of attacking TDP offices. He commented that the attack on the state party office was the first of its kind in history. Chandrababu said the attacks were motivated by the government and asked the President to take action. While saying the name of alcohol ban in AP .. Babu fired at the state government for promoting illegal liquor.

Chandrababu made harsh remarks that anarchy had been going on in the state for two years and that the constitutional system was being completely weakened. He said there was no freedom of speech and no right to question in the state. Chandrababu fired at the YCP government policies as if they were being attacked. We demand the imposition of Article 356 because of such dire circumstances in the AP. Chandrababu said the President was also shocked to see photos and videos of the attacks. Chandrababu said that the police system in the AP was corrupt. He asked the President to hold a CBI inquiry into the incident. TDP chief Chandrababu emphasized that there was no point in leaving until justice was done for them and the accused were severely punished.

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