Andhra Pradesh: Midnight Hydrama in Guntur .. Police who came heavily to the house of a former minister .. and then .. | Midnight High Tension at Former Minister Nakka Ananda babu House in Guntur

Andhra Pradesh: Midnight Hydrama in Guntur .. Police who came heavily to the house of a former minister .. And then ..

Nakka Anand

Andhra Pradesh: Tensions erupted around midnight at the home of former minister and TDP politburo member Nakka Ananda Babu. Police from Vizag at night were asked to say what evidence they had spoken to the media on the cannabis issue. The TDP ranks along with Ananda Babu were outraged at the attitude of the police. Going into details .. High drama was held at night at the house of former minister Nakka Ananda Babu in Vasantharayapuram, Guntur. Anand Babu spoke to the media regarding the smuggling of cannabis in Visakhapatnam. Along with the government, serious allegations have been made against Vijayasaireddy. Narsipatnam CI Srinivasa Rao of Visakhapatnam district along with his staff came to Anand Babu’s house to record the statement and issue notices on what evidence he spoke on. However, the police asked Anand Babu to give evidence regarding the cannabis smuggling. Kakinada police had earlier issued similar notices to TDP leader Narendra Modi for talking about drugs.

Anand Babu was amazed at the issuance of notices on the topics discussed at the media conference. Police were asked to say with what evidence he spoke in the media. They asked me to record the statement. However, he questioned what the AP police would do if the Telangana police came and raided the cannabis bases. He said it was an insult to the AP police to say the same thing in front of the media. Moreover, Ananda Babu questioned whether the former minister had the right to speak if there was an attack on the tribals.

On the other hand, former minister Alappuzha Raja, TDP leaders Nasir and Kovelamoodi Ravindra were outraged at the arrival of so many policemen at the former minister’s house at midnight. The current DGP has been criticized for unveiling a new culture with notices to strangle everyone who raised their mouths. Did the police do the same in the TDP government? Asked. They were incensed at the police system and the workings of the police.

Meanwhile, a large number of TDP activists reached Ananda Babu’s house after learning that the police had arrived around midnight. On this occasion, Telugudesam leaders and activists got into an argument with the police. They shouted slogans to go back. Narsipatnam police left Anand Babu’s house. He said he would come again in the morning. However, there were speculations that the ex-minister would be arrested when police arrived at his house around midnight.

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