Amarinder Singh: Sidhu will not leave wherever he is contesting .. Amarinder Singh’s key statement on the new party | Punjab Elections 2022 Will fight Sidhu wherever he contests from says Captain Amarinder Singh

Amarinder Singh: Sidhu will not leave wherever he is contesting .. Amarinder Singh's key statement on the new party

Amarinder Singh

Amarinder Singh New Party: As the Punjab Assembly elections approach, it has been confirmed that another new party will be formed in the state. Former state chief minister Amarinder Singh announced at a press conference on Wednesday morning that a new party would be formed soon. He said his party would announce its name and symbol after getting the approval of the Central Electoral Commission. Wherever Navjot Singh Sidhu contests in the coming elections, they have made it clear that they will also contest from there. He said many in the Congress party were ready to join his new party.

Amarinder Singh has made it clear that they will contest all the 117 seats in the state. He said that there was a possibility of seat adjustments. If not, his party would go into the ring alone in all the seats. The BJP, meanwhile, said its party was ready for alliances with other smaller parties in the elections. He said he would try to form a united alliance to defeat the Congress party in the coming elections. He said alliances with other parties were to be negotiated in the coming assembly elections. It was revealed that he will meet Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Thursday to discuss the dispute over agricultural laws. He said he would take 25-30 people with him and meet Amit Shah.

Sidhu doesn’t know anything. He said he would also meet several Union ministers to discuss issues related to the state. He was of the opinion that there would be nothing the state could have done bigger if it had not worked with the Center. He did not think that Sidhu knew what good governance meant. Sidhu said the party’s reputation has been deteriorating day by day since he joined the Congress.

Amarinder Singh defended the Centre’s decision to extend the jurisdiction of BSF troops on the Punjab border to a distance of 50 km. He commented that the decision would contribute to the security of the state.

Sidhu criticizes Amarinder Singh ..

PCC chief Sidhu alleged that captain Amarinder Singh had pawned Punjab interests solely out of his personal selfishness.

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