17 years have seen ‘Eetala’ .. Give ‘Gellu’ a chance once: Minister Harish Rao comments .. | Minister Harish Rao’s election campaign in Huzurabad constituency Comments on Etela Rajender

17 years have seen 'Itala' .. Give 'Gellu' a chance once: Minister Harish Rao comments ..

Minister Harish Rao

Minister Harish Rao: The election campaign is in full swing in Huzurabad constituency. Candidates from all parties are trying to impress voters. As part of this, under the auspices of the TRS today, Minister Harish Rao conducted an election campaign in Uppal in Kamalapur zone. On this occasion, interesting comments were made about Itala Rajender.

People want to think about which party to hunt for as the Congress party has no foothold in this election and only TRS and BJP are in the fray. Rajender, a farmer’s relative, said that Kalyana Lakshmi had run away but he was alleging that he was taking ten lakh 50 thousand rupees. Rajender said he joined the BJP just for the post. He was criticized for resigning for his own selfishness.

Rajender, who has won six times, questioned whether a single women’s building would be built. He reminded that an interest free loan of Rs 25 crore has been sanctioned for the festival. The 17-year-old looked at Rajender and once asked voters not to give him a chance to win. He said that he had joined the BJP to protect the assets of the party but not to serve.

Rajender said he would be beaten, set on fire and demolished, but Tappa was asked what he had said so far to help the poor. Swearing does not fill the stomach. He demanded to be told what he was doing. The Election Commission has directed the BJP general secretary to stop complaining about the Dalit bandh program till the 30th. He asked the people of Huzurabad to think and vote if Rajender wins and the BJP gains.

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